Jesse Haas

We must keep the health-care ball rolling

In an airport recently, facing life-threatening boredom, I broke down and tried to buy a book through Amazon's Kindle Store. Folks, I was not able to. Somehow this failed to make national news; somehow Wolf Blitzer didn't appear on the airport TV screens to discuss it for the rest of the day, but yes, it happened, and I'll bet it's not the only instance of a commercial website letting somebody down.

Point being, it's time to be done with the wailing and gnashing of teeth over the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the website. It's time to stop rending our garments and everybody's nerves and time to man up here.

What if we were actually rooting for our country? What if we were rooting for the team that wants us all to have access to health care? How would we be acting right now?

This frenzy seems unpatriotic to me, frankly, and also really, really boring.

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In Sorrell, an attorney general who will push for change

I'm supporting Bill Sorrell for attorney general in the Aug. 28 primary, and I hope you will too. It's possible to quarrel with parts of Sorrell's long record, but by and large he has done an able job, especially in defending Vermont law from corporate challenge. I don't fault...

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