Jim Mitchell

The good old days

These old cars at the fundraiser bring up memories.

As a kid, I used to raid a garden in Bellows Falls with all the other rug rats from the neighborhood.

One night, the old Polish man who owned the property put a load of rock salt to our behinds. Well, we waited till November 1960 and buried his old clunker of a Studebaker in his backyard.

We waited till he woke up. Oh, mama, he screamed. We hollered in Polish some rude, nasty comments to him.

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A jail by another name is still a jail

A detention center - a jail - in Bellows Falls is without a doubt a very bad and (I might add) ill-conceived idea. Bellows Falls has no hospital. Inmates will need support services such as a fully staffed emergency room when violence erupts inside prisons walls. Guards will need...

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Shelter for all?

The bedbug shack by the tracks in North Walpole has just opened for the season. Now, I don't begrudge any person a warm place to sleep, but the Greater Falls Warming Shelter track record isn't the best. Drug dealers, child molesters, women beaters: all are welcome.

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33 years and counting

I would disagree with Barbra Garmon. She should talk to the residents of East Jamaica and the West River Valley. All of Townshend and the outlying towns know about a drug dealer who has been there for 33 long years and is still going strong with his sales. It's time for the law to take action.

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Firefighters boosted the BF budget

If you were at the Bellows Falls Village Meeting, it was obvious the 2-to-1 margin of the budget vote was all firefighters who voted that budget back in - and only a handful of citizens.

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Sad, horrific death in Townshend

The truth can be ugly, and I was saddened to hear of this horrific deed, murder most foul. In the short 13 months since I have lived in Townshend, there has been a drug overdose death of a mother who leaves behind two small children. There also was a senseless murder/suicide of a young couple. Olga Peters: Keep up the good reporting, and welcome to Townshend.

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