Stanley (Pal) Borofsky

Brattleboro needs to revisit the Rescue Inc. decision

It seems to me that a new town manager should at least experience one year of what has been going on for over 50 years and try to understand what a decision to change such a longstanding performance means to the town.

When the Brattleboro Fire Department has to take over the operation with two new ambulances, at a cost of around $400,000 each, hire and train the new staff, and cover medical and other benefits, it will find out that it is a bit more complicated than it sounds.

I don't believe that all costs have been considered.

It has taken 50 years or so to build Rescue Inc. This year's cost has been projected to be the same. Does the town understand that Rescue does benefits to raise money and many people in town donate funds to support it? I can't imagine the fire department holding fundraising events.

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Closing Harmony Lot entrance: a serious mistake

Closing the High Street entrance to Harmony parking lot is a serious mistake. The Harmony lot was, at one time, one of the best revenue resources for the town's parking system. Being the most productive lot for revenue also meant that it was one of the most popular, most...

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In absolute awe of O’Connor

I am writing this letter in support of Kate O'Connor, Brattleboro Statehouse Democratic representative candidate for town District 3. I have just finished reading a book that Kate has complied in her travels with past Governor Howard Dean, who attempted to run for the Democratic Presidential nominee in the...

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