Julie Lineberger

A balancing act

A member of two state health-reform boards discusses health-care issues

I am honored to be appointed to two advisory positions in relation to Vermont's evolving health-care system, whose workings I hope to share with my neighbors.

The Green Mountain Care Board Advisory Committee (GMCBAC) is comprised of 41 Vermont residents. We serve as a public sounding board for the five Green Mountain Care Board Members who are responsible for planning Vermont's roadmap to a health-care system that improves health and moderates costs.

The charge of the Medicaid and Exchange Advisory Board (MEAB) is to advise and inform Vermont's Department of Health Access (DVHA) on policy development and program administration for the state's Medicaid-funded programs and the Vermont Health Benefit Exchange that is being developed.

This board is comprised of 30 Vermont residents, evenly divided between beneficiaries of Medicaid or Medicaid-funded programs, individuals, self-employed individuals, and representatives of small businesses, large employers, insurance carriers, brokers, and agents, advocates for consumer organizations, health-care professionals, and representatives from a broad range of health-care professionals.

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