Annette Cappy

Brattleboro voters: 10 things you need to know about voting at the Municipal Center

The Nov. 4 election will soon be here. Since the Aug. 26 primary, Brattleboro has had a new polling place: the Municipal Center.

To better inform voters, I'm listing 10 things you need to know about voting there:

1. Voting will take place on the second floor in the Cosman and Selectboard Meeting Rooms (Room 212).

2. You won't need to step up or down even one step to vote! There is an elevator just inside the back entrance at ground level.

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A tutorial in absentee/early ballots

I'm writing to set the record straight on early voting. All ballots voted prior to Election Day are received by the town clerk and staff, already sealed in individual envelopes by the voter. There is an extensive paper trail for all early balloting, tracking such records as the date...

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