David Crawford

VY pays for weather station

This is to all the anti-Vermont Yankee people: What about the weather station they generously pay for on the two-way radio?


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A killer who got off easy

RE: “Visions, values, and tragedy” [Special Focus, July 17]: The main story was well written and seems well researched; it was informative and well done. Thanks for writing it. But the story about Meg McCarthy, the wife of Richard Gagnon, is asking for too much sympathy/empathy for the killer.

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The un-cooperative

RE: “Co-op will require secret-ballot union vote” [News, Oct. 3]: This was one section I thought was worthy of note: a politician saying, “the Co-op was built on trust and goodwill, but there comes a time when that does not work.” Yes... that gave me a LOL. This is...

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