Lee Madden

Illuzzi is a better Republican than some, but he’s still a Republican

Recently my friend, the apostate Bob Oeser, has encouraged people to vote for Republican Vince Illuzzi for state auditor [Letters, this issue]. I argue the wise vote is for Democrat/Progressive Doug Hoffer.

While Illuzzi's positions on some issues are better than those of some Republicans, there are serious faults in some of those positions, too.

Illuzzi has endorsed Mitt Romney in public appearances with John Sununu and Steve Forbes, who have recently declared President Obama un-American, “a disgrace,” and a “radical socialist.”

Illuzzi has voted in the Vermont Senate against health-care reform and single-payer insurance. He has a 33-percent rating from Vermont Public Interest Research Group (VPIRG) and a 50-percent rating from Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility.

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