Kelley L. Murray

Used and abused by the pharmaceutical industry

Every dime the health care industry spends on themselves and their interests comes from us. Health care costs all of us.

As a recipient of the pharmaceutical companies and suffering from mental illness, I am outraged, as not only is the industry making money off of my illness but it also abuses my treatment.

Let me explain. I am essentially an experiment that is not reimbursed monetarily - as if the side effects are not enough.

Speaking for myself and my peers, we can't afford it and, in fact, we are literally suffering - emotionally, mentally, and monetarily - at the hands of the industry.

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Editor needed for local book project

The time has finally come to turn my book, From the Boroughs to Brattleboro and Beyond by the Flat Landers that Made the Move, over to an editor. In the interest of wanting to stay local, I am looking for an editor who might want to meet for periodical...

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Book project invites essays from N.Y.C. expatriates

A number of Brattleboro folks are at work on developing a collaboration of essays for the book From the Boroughs to Brattleboro and Beyond, by the flatlanders who made the move from New York City. A dozen essays have been submitted. I would like to extend that number to...

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Partisan politics laws collide with voter education efforts

I am writing about my experience with my recent voter registration drive, which ended on Election Day. My intention was to assist in the effort to make the voting process clear to all people, to remind, and inform. This meant contacting and networking with facilities in Brattleboro that work with the sick, the elderly, and the poor. It also meant ensuring that voter registration forms were available. It was executed pretty much independently. I tried to remain nonpartisan. However, I...

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