Liam Madden

Madden: ‘Anti-choice’ label ‘incredibly misleading’

Politicians often like to pretend that there is only good and evil. This helps them give false choices to the public. This is happening today in Vermont's Congressional election.

Candidate Becca Balint wanted money recently, and she thought it a good fundraising tactic to ask for donations while claiming her opponent is “anti-choice.”

I am the person she is trying to stick that label on. She is being incredibly misleading.

Here's why:...

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Can we find some middle ground on gun policy?

What liberals hold as the beacon of good gun control policy — banning assault weapons — is not likely to achieve much, other than pissing off conservatives

Part of my frustration with the gun control conversation is that liberals have their hearts in the right place but rarely know enough about guns to make effective policy. Banning assault weapons as a main strategy assumes that there is a meaningful difference between what qualifies as an assault...

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What are the terms for being allowed to participate in a political debate?

The media outlet VTDigger recently hosted a debate with three candidates for Congress. I wonder, and have asked explicitly: How did they choose who to include and who to exclude from the debate? They haven't responded. So what? When the organization announced the debate, I immediately responded, informing that...

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Reconsidering gun control

Like many people I know, and public figures I've seen recently, the killings in a Newtown, Conn. elementary school have made me reconsider my position on gun control. As a hunter, a veteran, and a dyed-in-the wool radical, I want to show fellow gun owners - and, more importantly, fellow Americans who are distrustful of an armed government with an unarmed populace - that the logic I espoused for most of my life is bankrupt. Until December, my stance on...

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