Community Equity Collaborative

How can we respond to blatant racism?

Community Equity Collaborative offers four strategies in the aftermath of threats to state representative

The racist threats made against Representative Kiah Morris and her family are reprehensible, unacceptable, and cowardly. Expressions of empathy and concern for Rep. Morris and her family are important responses but will not alone impact the individual and systemic racism that we continue to witness in our state.

There is a growing social climate that condones this kind of behavior. Taking action and speaking out are vital responses to an overt racist act such as this.

We are experiencing a daily decline in civility, especially in relation to internet communication. Vermont's nonpartisan Joint Fiscal Committee has recently been attacked. Our Democratic gubernatorial candidate is receiving threats similar to those aimed at Rep. Morris.

Before his recent passing, one of Vermont's most influential health-care policymakers, Con Hogan, wrote his last VPR commentary on the concept of returning to civility:...

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Tapping our greatest resource

We must build strong social supports in schools

In the wake of the school shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., a PBS journalist interviewed a college student who had been in classes with the shooter, Adam Lanza, both at Sandy Hook and during high school. The student reflected on how highly intelligent Lanza was...

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