Vidda Crochetta

A time to resolve it

Though at times we might be embattled, it is far and away the things that unite us that lay down the common ground before us. Given a chance, together we can continue to effect change.

When I first canvassed for marijuana decriminalization in Vermont in 2010, to my great surprise the majority of people said, “Why decriminalize marijuana? They should just legalize it.”

As important as decriminalization is in 2013, what most Vermonters hold in common is a sensible form of marijuana legalization for an adult consumers' market.

Daryl Pillsbury, Paul Bennett, and I formed Marijuana Resolve to help bring awareness to the injustice of criminalizing adults for personal use and possession of marijuana. The amazing thing to the many people we talked to was why it was not decriminalized before 2010.

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