Megan Scott

Timson Hill Preschool turns 25

Anniversary party celebrates community effort created and sustained the school

This year marks the 25th anniversary for the Timson Hill Preschool, a small, nonprofit school in the hills of Williamsville.

The preschool, preserved by its owners, the Williamsville School Preservation Society (WSPS), was acquired by the town through a dispute with the landowners. That dispute went to the Vermont Supreme Court, which ruled in favor of the town.

The current building that sits on Timson Hill is not the original building, many townspeople would tell you. The original building burned down Jan. 29, 1883, and in the summer following its tragic end, the town rebuilt it. The building is now celebrating its 130th anniversary.

In 1987, the town was trying to decide what to do with the then-vacant school building.

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Going to the source

Grammar School students learn Spanish through new service learning program in Ecuador

In a program designed to engage students in language learning, The Grammar School has started a new service-learning program that immerses students in the language and culture of a Spanish-speaking country. From April 8-15 a group of eighth grade students ranging in ages from 13-14, and their chaperones and...

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Green unto the grave

Local funeral home offers eco-friendly options

What will your last impression be on Earth? If you're an eco-friendly kind of person and would like to remain eco-friendly after your death, you may want to consider a green burial. What's a green burial? It's a way of doing a funeral without elaborate caskets, embalming, or concrete...

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Saving energy, saving money, saving the planet

Weatherizing homes saves energy and money. But many Vermont homeowners can't afford the investment needed to make their homes energy efficient. Well, there's help for that. Efficiency Vermont, Vermont's designated energy efficiency utility, is sponsoring the Vermont Home Energy Challenge, a program aimed at raising residential awareness of home weatherization that in turn will increase energy efficiency across the state. Program coordinators aim to reach the goal of a 25 percent energy savings by 2020, and are on track to...

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Trap-and-spay program seeks to control BF feral cat population

What's the best way to deal with feral cats? Prevent more from being created. A spay and neuter program now being introduced into Bellows Falls is aimed at just that: controlling feral cat colonies. According to, feral cats are those felines “living in a wild state after domestication.” The site also describes them as “free-roaming cats,” which covers “all lost, abandoned, loosely owned, and stray cats in addition to feral.” These animals live very hard lives, between the struggle...

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Giving a voice to used cars

Joe Boulay, a mechanic from Richmond, N.H., and author of If That Car Could Talk: How to Locate and Maintain a Good Used Car, is dedicated to reviving the honesty and integrity that he says used to be the hallmark of a good car repair shop. After putting in more than 25 years as Keene-area mechanic, Boulay said he wanted to impart some of what he learned about cars and auto repair to those who might not be quite as...

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Minding your manners

Emily Post, author of Etiquette: The Blue Book of Social Usage, once said, “Manners are a sensitive awareness of the feelings of others. If you have that awareness, you have good manners, no matter what fork you use.” Post's book educated the common people of America in how to behave during the country's transition during the Industrial Revolution, a time where country farmers were moving into cities and unaware of the differing customs and standards of behavior. Ninety years later,

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Reflecting on diversity

Last week at New England Kurn Hattin Homes, the school used the occasion of Martin Luther King Jr. Day as the centerpiece of a week-long program on diversity that featured a string of activities, presenters, and discussions on the subject. School Principal Scotty Tabachnick, who was a diversity teacher at Brattleboro Union High School before taking the job at Kurn Hattin, said he developed Diversity Week as a run-up to a program on multiculturalism the school already had in the...

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