Heidi Carrington Heath

On empathy, grief, sexism, and the death of RBG

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was not perfect, but she was in the same breath both extraordinary and exceptional

Like so many of us, I have spent much of the last weekend grieving. The death of the Honorable Ruth Bader Ginsburg hit me late Friday night like a train.

As a queer woman partnered to a non-binary trans person, we saw the safety of our family flash before our eyes in a moment. We cried together. We raged together. We talked seriously and honestly about our safety together. Our marriage was federally recognized by one vote, and now that safety net is gone.

We texted our queer group chats to talk about our pain, our fear, and our strategies. We checked on Black and Brown loved ones. You get the idea.

Almost immediately, the social media flurry started. People were grappling out loud with their grief and their fear (very much two sides of the same coin, of course).

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Why the rush on Death with Dignity bill?

The Vermont State Legislature has recently advanced “An Act Relating to Patient Choice and Control at the End of Life.” The legislation, which some might call the “Death with Dignity Bill,” allows a patient who has been diagnosed with less than six months to live to request a medication...

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