Ellen Schwartz

Burke: fully accessible to constituent

Mollie Burke has been my representative in the state legislature since 2009, and I will be voting for her on Nov. 8.

Burke has been an effective member of the House Committee on Transportation, always looking for creative ways to balance our need for mobility with our stewardship of the environment. Her support for expanding public transportation is a case in point.

She has also championed issues relating to women, working people, education, criminal-justice reform, and health care. She seeks to understand the underlying causes of the problems she is trying to solve, rather than just going for the quickest fix.

Burke takes her responsibilities to her constituents seriously. Every time I have left her a phone message or sent her an email, she has gotten back to me. That's a 100-percent response record!...

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Not a relief

My letter in the March 20 issue of The Commons [“Proposed cuts to VHAP, Catamount are unacceptable”] included an editorial change that misrepresents my meaning. The edited version refers to VHAP and Catamount as relief. I consider them to be insurance programs, not relief.

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Proposed cuts to VHAP, Catamount are unacceptable

In the 1970s, I lived and worked in England, and was in the National Health Service. I had good care and never had to worry about whether I'd be able to afford it. I am thrilled that Vermont is moving in the direction of universal health care and wish...

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