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‘It just makes you grow up too fast’

She’s a high school senior. And she’s living in a tent with a boyfriend, a cat, and three chickens.

BRATTLEBORO-The girl in this conversation is homeless. She turned 18 years old in November. She just graduated from Brattleboro Union High School with the rest of the class of 2024.

"Shane" - she asked that we not use her real name - came to The Commons through Mack Mackin, associate director of youth programs at Interaction: Youth Services and Restorative Justice, who called her "a remarkable human."...

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A school district offers support to its students

In the Windham Southeast district, approximately 4% of students are homeless or housing insecure. Tricia Hill finds them and helps them.

BRATTLEBORO-Tricia Hill's job is to reach out to the homeless student population of the Windham Southeast Supervisory Union and offer them services like laundry vouchers and sports equipment. "Basically, our goal is to remove barriers so students who are experiencing homelessness can access their public education just like a...

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A tightrope of needs

One area agency helps teens and young adults stay sheltered. The goal: to prevent chronic homelessness.

BRATTLEBORO-For Interaction: Youth Services and Restorative Justice, one major goal is to prevent chronic homelessness for students. The agency works with approximately 60 teens. Of those, probably fewer than 20 are homeless in some form. Some are runaways. Some have been living on the margins of society for many...

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