In support of pro-life/pro-America Trump

Nancy Braus writes, "In Ohio, the tremendous margin of passage for the amendment enshrining abortion, birth control, and other good things into the state constitution did not seem to percolate down to the state legislature."

So abortion is a "good thing"? Wow! How heartless can you get?

This will make Ms. Braus cringe (and probably cry), but I have voted for Donald Trump twice and will do so again next year.

Some of my relatives and many of my friends think I'm off my rocker, but I don't care. They're not embarrassed for sticking with Joe, so why should I be ashamed of the Donald?...

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Memories of the Dunklees and their machine shop

I want to express my appreciation to Fran Lynggaard Hansen for such a great tribute to Lester Dunklee. My earliest remembrance of the R.E. Dunklee and Sons Machine Shop was in the 1940s, when I needed a push lawn mower repaired. In the shop I was quite fascinated by...

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All for impure, brutal, savage, horrific, racist vengeance

U.S. military experts determined that a 500-pound bomb ‘was far too large’ to use in urban areas, yet Israel drops 2,000-pound ones on a hospital and other targets

Richard Evers describes himself as "of Jewish heritage but not of faith or belief." On Nov. 26, in The New York Times, the headline for the lead story on the front page reads, "Gaza Civilians, Under Israeli Barrage, Are Being Killed at Historic Pace." The article goes on to...

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Horrified and appalled by shooting of Palestinian students

Jewish Voice For Peace Vermont/New Hampshire is horrified and appalled by the shooting of three Palestinian students that occurred on the evening of Nov. 25 in Burlington. We are in solidarity with the students, their families, and all those affected by this clear act of hate. We are in solidarity with all Palestinian people in occupied Palestine, around the world, and here in Vermont - and we are committed to creating a Vermont that is safe and welcoming for all.

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A ceasefire requires both parties to participate

A ceasefire requires the participation of at least two parties. The demand for an immediate permanent ceasefire in the current Hamas war is a demand that Israel unilaterally surrender to Hamas. Hamas broke the ceasefire in existence on Oct. 7, 2023. Hamas's stated mission is to destroy Israel and Jewish people. Israel must stop indiscriminate bombing, allow safe passage of innocents from the war zone, oust Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his cronies, elect a democratic government that will respect...

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‘We cannot let this tragedy and violence be a stopping point’

We were horrified, along with all Vermonters, to learn of the shooting of three Palestinian students in Burlington, Vermont. As a refugee resettlement agency working to help those displaced by violence in their home countries start new lives here in the United States, this violence so close to home is jarring. We condemn these horrific attacks and, as an agency, we commit to working with local, state, and national partners to continue our work to make Vermont a safe place...

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Keeping spore

Michelle Bos-Lun is a second-term member of the Vermont House of Representatives, co-representing the Windham-3 district, which includes her hometown of Westminster as well as Rockingham and Brookline. She is a secondary school teacher who also works with individuals experiencing homelessness. Last year, her photo in the "Happy Places" photography project that hung in the State House cafeteria showed her in the woods holding puffball mushrooms. I recently submitted a bill after consultation with some important stakeholders: the elementary students...

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What Friends of Putney oppose and propose — and the consequences

Friends of Putney clearly believe that they have rightly appealed thrice to Vermont Environmental and Supreme Courts in opposition to Windham & Windsor Housing Trust's Alice Holway Drive affordable-housing project. Let's consider what is already approved, what Friends of Putney oppose and propose, why they lost two appeals, how they are paying their attorney, and the financial and social impacts of their appeals. Of 3.96 acres: 0.91 acre will be developed as affordable housing (23%); 1.03 acres will remain as...

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