Case: A civic-minded, efficient organizer

I am voting for Peter Case to serve another year on the Brattleboro Selectboard. He has served this town for as long as I can remember. Always a civic-minded citizen, he has served on a number of boards, most notably the Boys and Girls Club.

Always an efficient organizer, Peter Case is a good listener and has always considered all sides of an issue. When faced with a difficult decision, he will, cogently and calmly, state his position.

He works hard. He is smart. He owns an anchor business in downtown Brattleboro. I encourage voters to return him to the Selectboard.

Gorty Baldwin...

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Case: A voice for all people

As a teacher in town, I usually eschew airing my political beliefs to the community for obvious reasons. Usually there are vested interests skewing the endorsements or, at the worst, occasions of mud-slinging against people who don't align with one's own political ideologies. I would like to purposefully put...

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Pritchard: Guilford needs his municipal experience and leadership qualities

Although I knew Steve Pritchard from my childhood, I met him only recently. Steve drove the Zamboni at the Nelson Withington skating rink in Brattleboro, and I couldn't begin to number the wonderful memories I have playing hockey in that rink. I was on the Brattleboro Colonels' first high...

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Case: Dedicated, thoughtful, well-informed

As a resident and active member of the community, I'm proud to stand behind Peter Case's candidacy for a three-year term on the Brattleboro Selectboard. Peter has shown he is dedicated to our community, thoughtful, and well-informed. We have witnessed his service and ability to address challenges head on. I have every confidence in Peter Case's ability to help the town meet the complicated and demanding issues it faces. He is committed to making Brattleboro an even better place to...

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Case: Not just a talker - a listener, a thinker, and an answerer

I appreciate and endorse Peter Case for reelection to the Selectboard for a three-year term. Peter isn't your typical Selectboard member - he's not a typical anything, frankly, and we need more of that in this town. Peter is not afraid to say the things many of us are thinking, and he's been saying them for over 30 years now. He's not just a talker, either - he's a listener, a thinker, and an answerer. If you don't believe me,

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Reis: Compassion is at the core of her being

I have known Jaki Reis for about 40 years. While we share about 90% of our political views, we don't agree on every issue. But she always listens to what people have to say and has solid reasons for her views. So this is an endorsement based on her character and experience, not specific issues. Jaki has a cornucopia of skills and experience from the variety of fields she has worked in: paralegal, bookkeeper, and assistant office manager for New...

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Case: Measured and thoughtful

It is with great enthusiasm that I support the candidacy of Pete Case for a three-year term on the Brattleboro Selectboard. Pete has demonstrated during his first term that he is a measured and thoughtful representative of the many voices of the residents of Brattleboro and their diverse concerns. I know Pete to be a critical thinker, a terrific listener, and a true champion of all things Brattleboro. I strongly believe that the town would benefit greatly from three more...

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Letter in support of WSESD candidate Tim Maciel

In the coming weeks, we will be choosing several seats on the Windham Southeast School District board of directors. One of my choices will be to re-elect Tim Maciel. I was lucky to serve with Tim during my tenure on the board and I found him to be a fully-engaged citizen, devoted to the future of every child in the district. In particular, he's made it his personal mission to get the voices of students represented directly at the board...

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