Wealthy Vermonters could help locally

HINSDALE, N.H.-On the front page of the May 8 edition of The Commons are two articles. One is about Winston Prouty seeking to build 300 housing units, but finding it difficult to secure financing.

The other is about how wealthy Vermonters like Ben Cohen, Jerry Greenfield, and others favored a tax increase on the wealthiest Vermonters to (allegedly) raise funds for housing.

Here's a thought: Instead of turning that money over to the government, why don't wealthy Vermonters concerned about housing help projects like Winston Prouty directly?

Put the money to work instead of advocating for a brand new tax. Help out locally by identifying projects you can put your money into across the state. Problem solved.

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Letter disparages transformative, creative work

BRATTLEBORO-In 1991, my husband, Dr. John Ungerleider, took me to Gaza on our honeymoon. We went with an Israeli human rights delegation to take the testimony of Palestinians. This was the first of many instances when I had a front-row seat to John's life work, devoting himself to bringing...

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Absurd assurance

BRATTLEBORO-Thomas Hill tells us that, "like Hamas, the African National Congress (ANC) and Mandela were labeled as terrorists," and assures us that Hamas will lead the Israelis and Palestinians to a peaceful transition. The absurdity of that speaks for itself. Steven K-Brooks Brattleboro This letter to the editor was...

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Stepping up and pulling together

Fric Spruyt is a property owner and property manager in Brattleboro and a member of the town's energy committee. BRATTLEBORO-It choked me up to hear that the Congressional Gold Medal has been awarded collectively to all Rosie the Riveters. They emerged at a time when we as a country needed to pull together, set aside our differences and prejudices for the common good. These days, unanimous support for anything in our divided society is a minor miracle, yet our deeply...

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Teachers missed out on once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

BRATTLEBORO-The recent eclipse that Vermonters were able to experience was beyond breathtaking. My husband and I enjoyed the 2017 eclipse together with friends. This year, we were looking forward to enjoying totality or getting as close to it as possible and sharing it with our daughter, who was born in 2019. We made it up to St. Johnsbury and waited in anticipation. The darkness, the silence, and the temperature drop during totality - followed by the cheers and applause -

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Another choice for end-of-life autonomy

PUTNEY-As a physician and a hospice volunteer, I read with interest the recent article highlighting a person who chose to end their life with a prescribed medication. It was most surprising to me, however, that the article did not mention another option for people at the final stage of life. Certainly, very few people would choose to end their life in prolonged pain and suffering, and thankfully there are multiple other options at present. People who feel it is their...

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Short-term rentals, short-term gains

BELLOWS FALLS-I see as a huge problem the number of apartments and houses being used as short-term vacation rentals instead of by "real Vermonters" who need places to live. I read of a wealthy young couple who had purchased more than a dozen properties here in Vermont - all for their own Airbnb profits. I'm not sure how to cap Airbnb offerings here, but in my own little town of 3,000 people, there are nearly a thousand Airbnb spaces. Some...

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We just want a permanent ceasefire, now

PUTNEY-Steven K-Brooks responded to my letter defending the integrity of Jewish Voice for Peace by alleging that the organization "parrots Hamas." He contends that the comparison I made to Mandela's peaceful transition away from apartheid in South Africa was wrong. And he dismissed my reference to the Torah, which advocates "no truth, no justice, no peace." I cited the Torah as a guide to understanding the International Court of Justice's ruling that Israel is committing genocide in Gaza. What K-Brooks...

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