Shame, shame, shame on The Commons

BELLOWS FALLS — Re: “The shame of Bellows Falls” [Editorial, Dec. 14].

So a whole community is headlined in “shame?”

It is my understanding that a town of Rockingham board made the decision based on state-required criteria. That board did not deny a warming shelter; it denied an application for a permanent location.

There are some 3,000 people (more or less) living in Bellows Falls, and this newspaper has painted them all with the same tainted brush and labeled all under the same umbrella?

Most Bellows Falls residents never opened their mouths about the shelter and never tried to influence the board in its decision one way or another. And I assume, and hope, that some of the people working on the shelter are from Bellows Falls.

To stereotype a whole village is no different than stereotyping the homeless or any other group. Shame, shame, shame on The Commons for using the power of the press to voice such an unfair assault against all of the people of Bellows Falls.

It makes for headlines, but does not represent the truth about the majority of Bellows Falls residents.

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