Real science examines all causes and effects

RE: “Protesters plan to take to the river: SAGE seeks to call attention to thermal pollution at VY” [Sept. 5]:

As a nuclear engineer and supporter of Vermont Yankee, I believe, first of all, in science.

I accept new findings, as long as they are really scientifically produced.

I also accept that it is likely that we did not know all there is to know about the sciences of life forms in the river. We might learn more and have to change practices that were once thought acceptable. The VY plant might have to use its cooling towers more.

Real science examines all causes and effects. Where is the mention of the effect of the Northfield Mountain Pumped Storage Project? It's hard to believe that pumping a lot of water uphill to a reservoir at night, letting it sit in the sun, and then retuning it to the river has no effect on the temperature of the river.

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