Pearce is pragmatic, apolitical as treasurer

BRATTLEBORO — Beth Pearce's pragmatic problem-solving skills and apolitical approach to managing the state treasurer's office are exactly what we need to ensure the financial health of our state.

As our new state treasurer in 2010, Beth's leadership caused Vermont's bond rating to improve from AA stable to AA positive, during a time when Standard and Poor's downgraded the U.S. bond rating. Vermont now has the best bond rating in New England.

Why does this matter to the average Vermonter? Now, homeowners in our state can get lower mortgage rates. Vermont college students will pay lower interest rates on their loans. Vermont towns borrowing money for municipal projects will pay less interest.

During her first term, Beth worked across party lines to put state employee pensions on firm footing. The changes made as a result of her leadership resulted in savings of $5.3 million to our state each year.

In addition, Beth strongly supported many Vermont communities after Tropical Storm Irene when they were faced with serious cash-flow problems while they were waiting for insurance and FEMA money to repair their infrastructure.

Beth also helped develop the legislation that permitted towns to delay their December Education Fund payments, and she stayed in touch with town managers, clerks, and treasurers throughout the recovery.

Please join me in voting for and supporting Beth Pearce. You also can donate to her campaign by visiting bethpearce.com or by sending a check to Pearce for Treasurer, P.O. Box 731, Montpelier, VT 05601.

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