NEYT’s Theatre Adventure presents ‘Enchantment: An Original Tale’

BRATTLEBORO — It all began with a name, a costume, a gesture, or a voice.

Last fall, each New England Youth Theatre “Theatre Adventure” student plucked a character from any time or realm they liked. After finding costumes for their character in the New England Youth Theatre collection, they developed movements for breathing life into their characters, then wrote a little bit of a story about each character.

Thus went the Theatre Adventure fall semester, which culminated with the characters strutting down the catwalk during NYET's fall fashion fundraiser show, Putting On Our Finery.

Now this assortment of characters has inspired an original Theatre Adventure play, “Enchantment: An Original Tale,” Thursday, April 18, at 10:30 a.m. at West Village Meeting House on South Street in West Brattleboro.

A royal cook, pirates, the queen of England, Frank Sinatra, Wonder Woman, rhinestone cowboys, motorcycle mamas, a mayor, disc jockeys, and a movie director are a few of the characters that will embody the show's message: all are welcome at the table.

And in the spirit of improvisational theater, all offers at that table are accepted.

Theatre Adventure actors create theater that turns traditional roles upside down, presenting a fresh take on familiar stories. Their actors challenge audiences to be open-minded and allow themselves to delight in the unexpected. Inclusive theater at its best, this program showcases the talents of many student-actors with disabilities.

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