Enjoy radio host’s final shows; Steve West will be missed

BRATTLEBORO — There are only a few days left.

On Friday, May 10, Steve West will host his last Live and Local talk radio show, from 9 a.m. to noon on WKVT (1490 AM).

I encourage anyone who has yet to experience the wit, wisdom, humor, intelligence, thought-provoking eloquence, inspirational, and radically creative voice of Mr. West to tune in. His show has been a treasure to our community, and he will be enormously missed.

I will especially miss his national and local interviews, from Daniel Ellsberg to Bernie Sanders, Eugene Uman to Lisa McCormick, Daryl Pillsbury to Melissa Bussino and the Drop-in Center staff.

Steve's guests were always at ease, knowing their host would present questions with respect and sincerity, no matter what provocative subject might develop.

And did I mention his musical repertoire? Mere segues to commercial breaks included the likes of the Buzztones, the Smiths, Miles Davis, the Andrews Sisters, Barry Manilow, the Sex Pistols, and my favorite indie band, Miracle Legion, in which Steve played bass guitar.

Here's to you, Steve, and to whatever your future holds. I'm hoping it's a nationally syndicated talk show!

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