Great respect here for one another’s art

BRATTLEBORO — I was glad to see coverage in The Commons of the Core Arts Project, specifically the atlas based on the Brattleboro arts community [“Atlas Shrugged,” News, May 22].

However, I must take exception to the sentiment attributed to me...that the atlas “over-emphasized the visual arts at the expense of writing.”

I have always believed in the cross-fertilization of the arts. Write Action has collaborated with visual artists as well as dancers and jazz musicians over the years. In fact, I consider myself a visual artist as well as a writer - and try to make a living writing about the visual arts.

What I did say was that I was disappointed there was not a mention of the literary arts in the atlas, an omission that unfortunately purveyors and practitioners of the literary arts run into too often, especially, as I pointed out at the meeting, when there is no “bricks and mortar.”

I feel there is great respect and support in our arts community for one another's art forms. I don't see us succeeding as a community of artists any other way.

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