NEYT alumni present ‘Blood Wedding’ on June 21-23

BRATTLEBORO — NEYT Alumni Association presents “Blood Wedding” by Federico García Lorca, translated by Jessica Callahan Gelter and directed by Eric Bass, with original compositions and score by Lynn Mahoney Rowan.

“Blood Wedding” is a story of violence and vendetta in a rural Spanish town. The death-bound love triangle at the center of the play fuels passions to a fever pitch and propels the story to its unstoppable tragic conclusion.

This production of “Blood Wedding,” staged as a folk-opera with music by Lynn Mahoney Rowan, transcends time. Lorca's image-laden poetry unfolds the story with the fire and power characteristic of his work. The new translation by Jessica Callahan is pared down to feature the haunting songs.

The play is directed by Eric Bass of Sandglass Theater.

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