West Brattleboro Association starts up welcome sign fund

WEST BRATTLEBORO — The West Brattleboro Association is raising $6,000 to erect a pair of “Welcome to West Brattleboro” signs, one at either end of the village.

Organizers say these will add to the village's sense of pride and make the village even more inviting and attractive to visitors and locals.

To date, the WBA has raised $1,400 toward its goal, or nearly a half of what one sign costs.

The WBA says the signs will be colorful and well-constructed, and at least the first one will be based on a design from Keene Signworx, which constructed the North End Business Association sign at the Exit 3 rotary.

Residents, business owners, and interested observers are invited to donate. Any amount will be appreciated.

The Association's mission is to promote the thoughtful and effective evolution of the community of West Brattleboro as a place that is safe, healthy, attractive, and prosperous.

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