No sign of life from parking garage’s electric-vehicle charging stations

On Gallery Walk Friday in December, I headed to downtown Brattleboro to meet my fiancée and celebrate our anniversary.

As a new owner of an all-electric car, imagine my excitement when she called from the Brattleboro parking garage to tell me there were two spots with electric-vehicle (EV) charging stations.

I hoped the setup was similar to the Northampton, Mass., parking garage where normal parking fees apply and the electricity is free. As I approached the spots at level 1A, my pulse quickened with anticipation. What I found was both encouraging and disappointing.

Indeed, there were two spots reserved for hybrid and electric vehicles, but there was no sign of life from the chargers that looked as if they had been installed a decade ago. A rusty sign hung limply on its hinges, and the electric plugs were not compatible with today's generation of Toyota Priuses, Chevy Volts, and Nissan Leafs. The legacy of some forward-thinking Brattleboroans now lay in neglect.

Still, I have to smile and applaud the efforts of those pioneers and hope the next generation will take up the cause.

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