Working group to rank economic development funds

BRATTLEBORO — The Selectboard has named five people to a new working group to investigate the state's new Windham County Economic Development Program (WCEDP), which is bringing millions of dollars to the county over the next five years.

Chair David Gartenstein proposed - and the board approved - Grants and Loans Manager Kim Ellison, Planning Director Roderick Francis, Planning Commission Vice-Chair Elizabeth McLoughlin, Selectboard Vice-Chair Kate O'Connor, and Appraiser Russell Rice as group members.

Their task: identify needs and opportunities, build an action plan, and advocate for the town regarding the WCEDP and additional funds earmarked for Windham County in the Clean Energy Fund.

Funds totaling $10 million over five years are due to the county following a deal struck between the state and Entergy Corp., which is closing its Vermont Yankee plant in Vernon later this year.

The program will disburse grants and loans to entities within Windham County for economic development projects.

The group will hold its first meeting on Thursday, July 24, at 2 p.m. at the Planning Services Department office at the Municipal Center.

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