Finance Director: Brattleboro poised to end fiscal 2014 ‘in good shape’

BRATTLEBORO — Town Finance Director John O'Connor says he anticipates the municipality will end the fiscal year on a positive note despite a deficit on paper.

With one month left before closing the ledger on fiscal year 2014, which ended on June 30, O'Connor said he expects additional payments, such as delinquent taxes, and cost savings, such as energy efficiencies, to be accounted for in the coming weeks.

“We're in good shape,” he said.

On paper, according to O'Connor's preliminary end-of-year report, the town appears to have a deficit of $461,922.49.

O'Connor explained, however, that the deficit will be covered by revenues the town is expecting before he closes out the fiscal year.

He assured the Selectboard at its Aug. 5 meeting that Brattleboro will end the fiscal year in the black.

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