Department of Labor offers apprenticeship program

The Vermont Department of Labor (VDOL) announces the start of valuable fall semester plumbing and electrical apprenticeship classes.

VDOL provides a grant to Vermont Technical College to assist with classroom instruction, test preparation, and other program activities.

“Apprenticeship programs, with structured on-the-job training and related instruction, allow apprentices to learn while earning a competitive salary in jobs that are in high demand,” said Annie Noonan, Vermont's labor commissioner.

This program offers Vermonters interested in the electrical and plumbing trades the instruction and job training they'll need to enter and rise through those professions.

Classes will begin in early September at many sites statewide. Instruction is delivered in traditional classroom settings or over Vermont Interactive Television. Classes run September until late March or early April, and consist of 144 hours of instruction.

Employers considering sponsoring an apprentice should contact Judy Bourbeau, interim Apprenticeship Program supervisor, at 802-828-5250 or [email protected], or else visit

To access the apprenticeship page and a list of current sponsors, click on “Workforce Development” and then on “Apprenticeship Programs.”

If you are an interested person, but do not have an employer sponsor, you can apply to the program for instruction - but will first need to find an employer sponsor to complete the requirement for on-the-job training with a sponsor.

To find employers who may be interested in sponsoring you, contact VDOL's Apprenticeship staff at 802-828-5250 or reach out to employers in these trades directly.

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