Kane will put people first

BELLOWS FALLS — I'm pleased to endorse and support Paul Kane for Windham County assistant judge and encourage Windham County residents to cast their votes for him on Primary Day.

A longtime resident, he was born in Bellows Falls and has served Windham County and the state for many years in the Vermont Department of Corrections. He has served as a parole officer and a supervisor; he has also served as a Department for Children and Families social worker in the Brattleboro, St. Johnsbury, and St. Albans areas.

He has also owned and operated businesses in Windham County and also began a philanthropic organization from which many county individuals, families, agencies, schools, and other organizations have benefitted.

His many life experiences and education - he attended New York University and New England College - make him uniquely qualified for the job of Windham County assistant judge. He is certified in conflict resolution and victim/offender mediation, both of which will help in resolving conflict in probate and family court.

He also has a background as a counselor, having worked with youth and families. He also has experience with people who have mental-health issues and developmental disabilities.

In addition, Paul Kane has spent many hours in the courts over the years and knows the judicial system, judges, state's attorneys, lawyers, and demographics of Windham County.

His combination of a social service/legal background and his many years of community service, as well as his fairness and compassion, are exactly what's needed for the position .

It is evident to me that his motivation to serve is based on a genuine desire to help people in need and to stand up for the vulnerable. In other words, Paul Kane is the right person to serve as assistant judge; he is the kind who puts people first.

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