Supports White, Balint for Democratic primary

BRATTLEBORO — The Aug. 26 Vermont primary election is quickly approaching. Windham County is fortunate to have four Democratic State Senate candidates vying for the two open seats, offering an opportunity to explore in greater depth the issues facing our state.

Over the next two years, our legislature will need to grapple with complex policy issues including: constructing and paying for single-payer health care, advancing rapid clean-energy development, improving our early-childhood system, increasing access to affordable food and housing, and fostering economic equity.

At a broader level, the legislature has the responsibility to improve the frameworks in which our lives are constructed, addressing issues of inequity, poverty, social, and environmental injustice.

To do so, we need smart, responsive, and transparent legislators representing our voices in Montpelier.

For this reason, I support Senator Jeanette White. Her focus on good governance, support for affordable, single- payer health care, and education reform are absolutely necessary to improving the lives of all Vermonters. She has worked diligently on several issues I care deeply about.

Most of all, I trust her. While I don't always agree with her on every issue, I trust that my voice is heard and that she brings that voice, and the voices of others, with her to the Statehouse.

I am also supporting Becca Balint. I found her to be articulate, smart, and refreshing. She will be an excellent advocate for Vermont families and will incite an innovative economic climate within the state.

Go forth and vote on Aug. 26! You can vote early (if you happen to be away on that date).

And don't forget: If you are 17 years old and will turn 18 on or before the general election in November, you can vote in this primary - thanks to Senator White!

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