White is responsive to her constituents

BRATTLEBORO — I worked with Sen. Jeanette White for three years on many issues while I was in the Statehouse, and I found her to be very responsive to legislators and constituents. She always jumped into an issue with both feet.

Jeanette is a great listener, and that also means she will act on what she hears, to the benefit of Vermonters. She is easy to approach and talk to and spends much of her free time here in Windham County working tirelessly for constituents.

She is often attending all sorts of local meetings on a variety of issues throughout Windham County. While legislators don't always agree on issues (and that was the case once in a while between Jeanette and me), she would always be willing to discuss all viewpoints. Even when we did not agree, we could always continue to talk in a friendly manner.

I also believe that it is important to have someone with Jeanette's skill and status representing us. She will be able to hit the ground running. As a committee chair of government operations, a lot of the work she does has a direct effect on Vermonters' daily lives.

I hope you can join me in reelecting Jeanette White in the Democratic primary on Tuesday, Aug. 26.

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