BUHS Players to present 'Brave New World’
The BUHS Players in a scene from their adaptation of Huxley’s “Brave New World.”

BUHS Players to present 'Brave New World’

BRATTLEBORO — The BUHS Players dramatize Aldous Huxley's novel “Brave New World” at the BUHS Auditorium on Friday, Oct. 17 and Saturday, Oct. 18, both at 7 p.m.

“Brave New World” is Huxley's “fable” of a dystopia in which people are mass-produced, programmed for their life's work, and conditioned to happiness and obedience through thought control, scientific propaganda, and free drugs.

Considered science fiction when first published in 1932 - the story is set in London of 2540 - “Brave New World” is considered prophetic in many ways.

In keeping with the novel's theme of conformity, all 14 members of the cast are involved in every scene. The effects of the ensemble movement and recitation reinforce the idea of a mechanically sterile society where individualism is a crime against the state.

As in Huxley's book, the play focuses on the spirit of the dictatorship and the dilemma of several members of the society who seek to rediscover individual thought and freedom.

The ensemble includes Katia Brock, Vanessa Brown, Ian Epstein, Clark Hamm, Christol Long, Kristina Meima, Hannah Paige, Liam Reynolds, Abby Sherlock, Elijah Taylor, Claire Thomas, Theresa Underwood, Julia Waldron, and Garrett Williams.

The production is directed by English and acting teacher Robert Kramsky, who notes that a number of theatrical devices in the production symbolize the oppressive uniformity of the brave new world dictatorship.

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