Sibilia: Passionate, hard-working, and informed

DOVER — I have known Laura Sibilia, an independent running for state representative in Windham/Bennington house district, in many capacities for the past 15 years and have always been impressed by her.

We have served together on the Dover School Board, where I learned how passionate, hard-working, and informed Laura always is.

Our children have attended schools together, and here I found we had shared values of family, education, and fairness. When something needed to get done - a fundraiser, staffing the booster booth, or dealing with issues that affected our children - Laura would be the first person I would call.

She has been relentless in her efforts to keep our small schools safe from statewide changes. She has been a true advocate for community-based education and the benefits that it can have for our families and communities.

As the former Mount Snow Valley Chamber of Commerce executive director and now as economic director at Brattleboro Development Credit Corporation, she continues to fight for the economic viability our our area.

Laura will be a fantastic representative for our entire district. She will be accessible, honest, and incredibly hard-working. She will hit the ground running because of her knowledge of issues, people, and the legislative process. She will be visible to all the communities she will serve.

I am truly excited to vote for her, and I can't wait to see what she can do.

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