Wright: The race is over, but the fight goes on

BELLOWS FALLS — “They” say I made a good showing for a first run for a legislative seat. “They” say incumbents 9 times out of 10 get re-elected. “They” say an appointee to a seat is as good as it gets.

Well, that's all well and good.

What “they” do not say is why people desperately want change but vote those same incumbents back into office. Why would they expect a different outcome from that of the last two years?

What I do know is this: I believe every vote that I received counts and sends a message to government on subjects I have raised.

I will continue to speak the truth about areas that need changing. I will continue to dig and ask questions to get our bottom line down on taxes and up on quality of life. I will challenge redundancies and fiscal waste.

I will use the tools available through the Vermont statutes to uncover these things and will address them at meetings and other public places. I will listen, as always, to my neighbors' concerns and incorporate them into finding and suggesting sustainable solutions toward our mutual benefit.

I love Vermont. This is my promise to the state I call home, her future generations, and to the people who voted for me. Thank you.

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