Thanksgiving dinner tradition from Austine to continue on Nov. 22

Dinner site moves to Bellows Falls this year

Despite the recent closing of the Austine School, Austine's yearly Thanksgiving community feast will be continued by the Brattleboro Deaf Club.

For many years, the Austine School had graciously offered a traditional Thanksgiving meal to the local community.

This presented a precious opportunity for parents, deaf students, business leaders, and the general public to schmooze and intermingle while fostering a warm community relationship.

Developing this community relationship is key to this cherished event, which is why the Brattleboro Deaf Club says it will continue this tradition.

The Thanksgiving Dinner will be held on Saturday, Nov. 22 at American Legion Post 37 on 42 Rockingham St. in Bellows Falls.

There will be activities from noon to 8 p.m., with the feast starting at 5 p.m.

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