Public Works Department warns of solicitation by pipe insurance firm

BRATTLEBORO — Many area residents are receiving mailings from HomeServe USA Repair Management Corp. in regard to water service line responsibility.

According to Highway & Utilities Superintendent Hannah O'Connell, HomeServe is an independent company that offers residential repair coverage plans and is not affiliated with the local utility that supplies water to residents.

She said that this mailing is a solicitation to purchase insurance from HomeServe and is not associated with any utilities furnished by the Town of Brattleboro Water Department.

“While it is true a homeowner is responsible for their water line to the house, it can also be said that a well-installed copper water line can last many years,” O'Connell wrote in a news release on Monday.

“From Brattleboro's database, there are over 400 water services installed prior to 1950 and another 500 that do not have dates out of 3,200 records,” she wrote. “Brattleboro at this time requires copper pipe under the street; the homeowner can choose the remaining pipe to the house. Ultimately, it is the homeowner's choice if they wish to purchase insurance.”

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