Moderator excited to continue role for Newfane

WILLIAMSVILLE — To the Voters of Newfane:

I've been honored to serve as Newfane school moderator since 2007, Newfane town moderator since 2010, and moderator of the Brookline and Newfane joint school meetings from the start.

At each meeting I've moderated, my faith in democratic self-rule is strengthened as I've witnessed my neighbors speak up to be heard, even when what they have to say is unpopular, and I've been heartened as I've watched my neighbors listen tolerantly, even when they disagree.

Speaking up and being heard is at the heart of our democratic process, and with Robert's Rules of Order we make sure everyone has the same fair chance to do both. The rules are sometimes arcane and sometimes cumbersome, but my appreciation for them has grown with my increasing knowledge of them. I am especially appreciative of how the assemblies have supported me as I learn.

I'm prepared to serve as moderator in all three positions, beginning with the Newfane and Brookline Joint Meeting this Wednesday, Feb. 11, and I hope to be reelected to serve as the school and town moderator for the Town of Newfane in 2016.

Thank you for your continued support.

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