Putney Cares starts off the year with many activities

PUTNEY — At the February Board of Directors meeting, Putney Cares announced the final tally for the 2014 annual fund appeal.

Donations totaling $7,097.25 were received in response to the appeal, monies which will go toward continuing to provide a range of programs and services for the Putney area's senior population.

Putney Cares would like to extend its thanks to the generous members of the community for making the fund appeal a great success.

In January, the Meals on Wheels program delivered 261 meals to area seniors, and 10 rides to medical appointments were provided to six people, thanks to four volunteers. Putney Cares also made six loans of medical equipment to seniors, and 33 seniors attended various ongoing classes at the Putney Cares Barn, including Gentle Yoga, Living Strong, and the Artist in Each of Us.

The Board announced a new, four-class program, beginning on March 26, to help seniors navigate the myriad of electronic devices, social media and the internet. “Tablets, Computers & Smart Phones, Oh My!” is co-sponsored by Landmark College and will be hosted by the Putney Public Library. Pre-registration will be required and more information will be available soon.

Putney Cares would like to thank the many volunteers who deliver meals, provide rides, and help to coordinate and run the various programs and services available to Putney's elder population.

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