TARPS reinvents itself as Webster's House Animal Shelter

After 15 years as The Animal Rescue and Protection Society of Chester (TARPS), the organization has changed it name to Webster's House Animal Shelter, unveiled a new logo, and elected a new board of directors.

The animal shelter, located at 1758 Route 103S in Chester, is primarily a cat rescue facility though they do take in various other small animals.

The Webster's House Animal Shelter takes in special need, injured, or chronically ill animals that might be euthanized at another shelter.

What began as the Webster Fund, a fund specifically for cats that need extra medical care or long term health care, became the genesis of the shelter's name.

The shelter went on to save hundreds of animals.

Early in March a new volunteer board of directors was elected. The new president is Mary Findley, a Springfield resident and associate professor at Vermont Technical College.

Filling out the board is Matt Morrill, vice president from Rockingham; Springfield resident Charlie Kramp is treasurer; Remington Fecteau from Charlestown, N.H., is secretary; and Lore Higgins from Milford, Conn., and Betsy Perry from Grafton are directors.

Shelter manager Mary Donaldson said of the name change, “It reflects a very important part of our mission and highlights our commitment to stray and abandoned animals that other shelters might not be willing to invest in. I'm very excited to have the fresh energy of the new board and passion they bring to the table. Their enthusiasm is contagious, so I already feel energized.”

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