Stabach Jazz 4tet to play house concert
Bob Stabach

Stabach Jazz 4tet to play house concert

GUILFORD — Wendy Redlinger's Jazz Soirre will host the Bob Stabach 4tet on Thursday, April 23, at 7 p.m., preceded by a potluck dinner at 6 p.m. The 4tet includes Eugene Uman, piano; Dave Picchi, bass; Jon Fisher, drums; and Bob Stabach on sax.

In this performance, the 4tet salutes the best selling 1959 jazz album of all time, Miles Davis's Kind of Blue, regarded by many critics as the greatest and most influential album in all of jazz.

This masterpiece is representative of modal jazz, in contrast to chords and chord changes as the basis for improvisation. This gives the improviser much more freedom in melodic conception and a sense of space to hear things.

Davis is reputed to have conceived these compositional settings just hours before the recording session, giving the musicians only sketches of scales and melodic lines to work with.

The evening's program will also feature some sparkling originals and other jazz standards. For more information, call Wendy at 802-254-6189.

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