Volunteers help beautify the Frost, Elm, Elliot neighborhood

BRATTLEBORO — Through a grant from the Vermont Community Foundation, volunteers in the Frost, Elm, Elliot Triangle Neighborhood (F.E.E.T. Neighbors) came together on June 12 to plant six barrels of flowers to beautify entryways to the area.

“The mission of F.E.E.T. is taking small steps to build a greater community,” said Rebecca Jones, who has her medical practice on Elliot Street, in a news release.

Jones helped initiate the F.E.E.T. effort when alleged drug dealing was affecting her neighbors and others sense of safety.

F.E.E.T. is made up of neighborhood residents, business owners, landlords, renters, and representatives of local organizations. F.E.E.T. has held several community events, potlucks, and visioning sessions.

It has plans for a block party later this summer, in conjunction with the Promise Communities endeavor.

“We really want people who live and work in this neighborhood to feel connected and to know who their neighbors are,” said Iishana Artra, a homeowner on Frost Street and member of F.E.E.T., in a news release. “Having projects like DIG IN Garden gives me an opportunity to meet other people who live here, raise their families here and rent or own their homes”.

F.E.E.T. will also be launching a Neighborhood Pride Zone campaign later this summer.

“With the funding we got from the Vermont Community Foundation Crosby-Gannet Fund, we are now able to fulfill some of our ideas and help create more visible community in the neighborhood,” Artra said.

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