Marlboro College offers new path to teacher licensure

BRATTLEBORO — Marlboro College's Teaching with Technology (MAT-T) program offers a clear pathway to becoming a licensed Vermont teacher with the Vermont Educational Technology Specialist endorsement.

In cooperation with Vermont's Agency of Education (AOE), Marlboro's state-approved ETS credits will enable participants to acquire a level-one teaching license in this very-high-demand area.

According to Caleb Clark, degree chair of the MAT-T program at Marlboro, Vermont needs more passionate educators who can use technology effectively in the classroom.

“Not technology merely to teach tried and true lessons more effectively, but to teach new lessons, in new ways,” he says.

In addition to the ETS credits, students will need a transcript review and student teaching experience to acquire licensure.

Clark adds that the new pathway is ideal for unlicensed private school teachers, para-educators, or staff in public schools who might lack the time or professional development funds to attend a full teacher preparation program.

It is also a good fit for those who can find similar work, or part-time volunteering opportunities, while taking state-approved ETS courses at Marlboro to gain licensure.

Additional coursework can be added to an initial license for other endorsements, such as math, science, and art.

Shannon Miller, AOE peer review program manager and a Marlboro MAT-T graduate, explains that the Agency of Education is proud to continue its alignment agreement with Marlboro College's education technology program.

“It can provide current teachers with in-demand technology skills as well as offer a potential pathway to licensure for educational technology specialists seeking certification in the state,” she says.

All six courses for the ETS endorsement are part of the MAT-T, a 30-credit master's program widely recognized for providing all kinds of educators with innovative technology practices and solutions.

Students can continue on for the full master's program or merely obtain the ETS credits, which can take as little as one year.

Marlboro is the only institution in southern Vermont offering all six courses for the ETS and will provide guidance to students throughout the process and requirements of licensure.

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