Putney artists show work inspired by the Connecticut River at Putney Library

PUTNEY — What have Putney artists seen and recorded, inspired by the Connecticut River? The Putney Public Library will have an answer to that question in a new show to be up during the months of February and March.

Twelve artists are contributing paintings, photographs, and etchings to a collective exhibit that expresses their response to the stately Connecticut ("Long River” in Abenaki) in various seasons.

It is a river that Putney borders but doesn't directly experience without an intentional visit, as it is out of sight from the village. This show will bring up from the banks a glimpse of what twelve artists have seen and been moved to express.

The show is free and open to the public, and includes work by Nancy Calicchio, Cicely Carroll, Neige Torrey Christenson, Brian Cohen, Basha Friedenberg, Ruth Grandin, Judy Hawkins, Gordon Jones, Deborah Lazar, John Nopper, Maryann Toffolon, and Margot Torrey.

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