Meet the farmers at Gallery Walk

BRATTLEBORO — A “Meet the Farmers” event at Gallery Walk on Friday, April 1, will introduce visitors to several regional farms and food enterprises: Tanglebloom, a flower farm and studio florist in Brookline; Up the Road Farm of Guilford; and Hermit Thrush Brewery.

The farmers will offer information and sign-ups for their summer CSA programs, which can be collected weekly at the brewery.

“We are a small scale farm in southeastern Vermont, producing sustainably grown vegetables,” farmers Tadj Schreck and Nathanael Matthiesen of Up the Road Farm write on their website (

“I enjoy putting a lot of focus on the earliest spring flowers,” says Melissa Masters, owner of Tanglebloom ( “After a long Vermont winter, I think we all look forward to the first flowers we can put on our tables.”

Hermit Thrush Brewery ( offers fasting flights, a local art gallery, brewery tours, and beer-to-go at its headquarters at 29 High St.

Gallery Walk takes place the first Friday of most every month on Main Street. For more information, visit

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