Let the two-party tyrants know you’ve had enough

PUTNEY — I believe we should use the election process of November to start the change from the two-party disaster to real democracy.

I am a write-in candidate for president of the United States as a member of the Real Democracy Party. This movement is explained on my website (jmanimas.com).

I have observed the two parties and U.S. politics since 1956. Little change is accomplished by marching, posters, protests, or even letters to members of Congress. Even in the 21st century, African-Americans are still lynched (by bullet), and racism is still our most toxic poison.

I offer something different: a revolution by vote. We will change the system so political parties must negotiate and compromise to assemble a new, real majority - real democracy - that has the legitimacy to rule.

Voting is your patriotic duty. On Nov. 8, you can vote for the Democrat or the Republican, or you can write in “John Manimas” in order to get the attention of the two-party tyranny and let them know you have had enough.

Don't decide yet. You will be astounded by the events that will come to pass between now and the election.

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