Naomi Shelton & The Gospel Queens return to Next Stage

Naomi Shelton & The Gospel Queens return to Next Stage

PUTNEY — Next Stage Arts Project in Putney presents Naomi Shelton & The Gospel Queens on Friday, May 6, at 7:30 p.m., for a special return engagement after Shelton's wildly successful appearance in 2014.

In the seven years since the release of their last full-length record, Naomi Shelton & the Gospel Queens have toured extensively, playing main stages at some of the most prestigious festivals in the world, including Bonnaroo, The Monterey Jazz Festival, Montreal Pop, and The Ottawa Blues Festival.

Though the performers are seasoned veterans, these last years of touring played a crucial role in the creation of the songs that would become the forthcoming album “Cold World.” With Gabriel Roth (Bosco Mann) at the helm, Naomi and company recently went into the studio and cut 12 new songs live to eight-track tape.

According to a news release, although the music is “most unapologetically gospel,” most of the lyrics on the record would fall under what could be called “message songs” - that is, music containing uplifting spiritual messages, reminiscent of the more inspirational moments of The Staple Singers or Curtis Mayfield.

On their new record, the release says, “The grooves are pure soul. 'Sinner' sits atop Side One as a dark welcome into the soulful stomping world of the Queens. They flow effortlessly from the Sunday stomp of 'Get Up, Child' to the country-tinged swagger of 'One Day' and 'I Earned Mine'; from the river's edge lilt of 'Everybody Knows' and 'I Don't Know' to the energetic boogie of 'Thank You Lord,' 'It's a Cold, Cold World,' and 'Bound for the Promised Land.'”

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