Heartened and inspired by progressive ideals and vision at Democratic convention

WARDSBORO — I strongly object to Bethany Knowles-Thompson's misguided dismissal of the young people at the Democratic National Convention as entitled and ridiculous.

I, on the contrary, am inspired and heartened by their passionate support of progressive values and vision. I am grateful to them and all the other protestors who are speaking the truth and crying out for a just and sustainable world.

This country is in dire straits when one candidate for the office of president is a neo-fascist demagogue and the other is a neo-liberal criminal and warmonger who is little more than a mouthpiece for the corporate elites who run this country by promoting fear and a perpetual state of warfare.

Bernie Sanders' championing of longstanding progressive values and vision on a national platform is a light shining in the darkness of our country's drift toward a corporate totalitarianism, where the voices of dissent are routinely labeled terrorists and criminalized.

This election offers a painful choice that I agonize over. All the people, young and old, walking out of the convention and shouting that the emperor has no clothes give me hope.

This galvanizing of the progressive movement in this country stirs me to action - for the sake of social and economic justice, and for the sake of an imperiled Earth.

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