Clinton has withstood a lifetime of attacks

BRATTLEBORO — MacLean Gander has written one of the most honest, intelligent, insightful pieces I've seen on the “hate Hillary Clinton” phenomenon and on what I've come to think of as a mass demonstration of “mother hatred” - deeply ingrained and rarely acknowledged.

This piece is in marked contrast to “The two Hillary Clintons” piece running alongside it, which is emblematic of that same irrationally bitter vein.

There is one Hillary Clinton. She will be our first female president. Bernie Sanders fully supports her. She has withstood a lifetime of attacks, targeted initially because she wanted everyone in this country to have health care. She knows how to work.

Instead of hating Hillary or feeling the need to bust up the system, why not try actually working within the structures it has taken more than 200 years to create?

Working for change day by day is each citizen's responsibility. Put your energies to the hard, slow grind of democracy for the change you want, not in dissembling and denigrating a candidate devoted to the daily dance of democracy to help women, children, and black Americans her whole life.

And yes, that work involves Wall Street. (Lots of us need our 401(k)s when we retire!) And, yes, getting paid to give speeches to raise the cash needed to be elected, and yes, tailoring specific words to a given audience since issues are nuanced and there are many seats at the table and ways of approaching each - all that's the art of politics.

And if you still hate Hillary, go see a therapist.

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