Jeanette White, state senator, Windham District

PUTNEY — The election is fast drawing to a close. I am asking for your support to return me to a job I love - the Vermont Senate - as a representative of Windham County.

Over the past years, I have either sponsored or worked hard to pass legislation that allows patient choice at end of life; limits the use of GMOs; limits the toxics in our products, especially those for children; creates a dental therapist profession to provide better access to dental care; eliminates barriers to voting (election day registration, automatic voter registration); strengthens open meeting and public records statutes; improves access to health care; provides universal preschool; strengthens our mental-health system of care; and creates a more accountable budgeting process.

There is more, and you can check my voting record over the years or call me with particular concerns.

But there is still much to do. Over the next biennium, I will continue to move toward universal health-care access, review our system of law enforcement to make it more equitable across the state, continue to monitor our retirement systems by working with the treasurer, and continue to strive for a more open, transparent, and participatory government.

Of course, there are many issues to work on; these are only a few.

One issue that has created a lot of concern is Act 46, the education governance statute. It is not a perfect piece of legislation; as with almost all legislation, it will need reworking.

The intent was to create somewhat larger units of governance that would result in better quality education for all our children. It has worked in some areas of the state and not in others.

Some issues in the statute need revision, clarification, and - perhaps - elimination. I support the intent: to provide better access to quality education for all children, and I am willing to revisit the statutes.

I believe that what I bring to the Senate is a voice of reason and an ability to listen to all sides of an issue with respect and then work toward a solution that best serves Windham County and Vermont.

My experience and the relationships that I have built will serve well as we work toward solutions of our issues. I hope you can trust my judgment and ability to work toward meaningful solutions.

Vote on Nov 8. Each vote counts, and our democracy only works when everyone is involved.

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